Page (not site) constantly refreshing - not SSL but Cloudflare APO?

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I’ve purchased Cloudflare Argo and Cloudflare APO for 3 different sites:

They are all essentially copies of each other, just in different languages.
Host: Siteground
Platform: Wordpress with Divi Theme

While I love the speed, I have been having issues with all the sites that run APO.

Basically, a certain page (not the entire site) will get stuck in a redirect loop. If I were to clear the Cloudflare cache, the error would likely go away, only to return a few hours or days later on a different page on one of the websites.

Right now, this homepage constantly refreshes:
(however other pages such as Abogados latinos de inmigración - Abogados Latinos Brooks Law work fine).

I initially suspected that an optimization plugin might be causing some conflict, however I have now removed all types of WordPress optimization plugins/tactics and it seems to really come down to Cloudflare APO now.

I entered those two URLs I mentioned last here:

That gives a comparison between the constantly refreshing page and a working page on that site.

Then I used to compare the two reports.

They don’t fully coincide, so that might offer a clue. However, I am not a developer and don’t have much expertise in this area, so I’m hoping you’ll be able to diagnose the issue.

Also, I was wondering if it could be a SSL issue, however I think then the entire website should be affected, and that wouldn’t explain why it goes away after clearing caches only to pop up again later on another page.

The error also goes away when I bypass Cloudflare.

Thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile:

It’s stuck in a loop between the home page, and /.well-known/captcha/

Do you have some sort of CAPTCHA system on your site or host? Because if the home page cached the captcha Meta Refresh, it will cause such a loop.

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Hey sdayman,

Thanks a lot for your message!

I talked with my host, Siteground, and what you saw there, i.e. the URL ending with ‘.well-known/captcha/’ is Siteground’s anti-bot captcha. Users don’t ever have to answer any captcha questions when they come to my site, I didn’t set this up, apparently it’s a thing all Siteground sites have to protect from bots and it only gets triggered by what looks like bot traffic, i.e. the constant refreshing in this case.

I am not sure what the direction of the causality here is or how one would find out.

  1. Does APO have a problem that causes constant refreshing, which then triggers Siteground’s captcha protection?
  2. Or is this captcha protection functionality somehow cached by accident, causing the constant refreshing?

➜ In both cases, I think it would indicate a sporadic Cloudflare APO error that shouldn’t ocurr in the first place.
Is there a way to know which of the two it is?
Perhaps the APO team should look at this?

In any case, I’ve asked Siteground to deactivate that Captcha on all of my sites, I’ve cleared the Cloudflare cache, and now we’ll have to wait and see whether the issue comes back over the next few days.

I’ll keep you posted on this, so please don’t close this thread yet.

Also, if you don’t mind, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts regarding my observations and questions above as, being a non-expert, I always enjoy learning about these things.

Thanks, Oliver

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P.S. I have the beta version of Cloudflare’s ‘Always Online’ activated too, I don’t know if that could be a relevant clue or not.

Just updating this.

I had Siteground remove their anti-bot captcha provisions and that seems to indeed have done the trick. It was a sporadic error, so I’m not 100% sure it is gone, however now a couple of days have passed and so far so good!

A big THANK YOU! :slight_smile:

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