Page not purged for some users

We have purged a specific CSS file from our cache.

When we request the file using CURL we can see from the last-modified header that some users are receiving old version of the file dated May 18.

Investigating further we see some users hitting LHR colo are seeing May 18 file, but other users not hitting LHR are receiving correct Sept 30 file.

Note this is always using CURL so does not involve browser caching.

We have tried Purging everything and again purging just the specific file. We have also turned off the Page Rule which caused this file to cached.

Purge does not purge the file from LHR colo.

How do we remove entirely the old version of this file from CloudFlare?

Hi @tim.clarke,

Can you share the URL you are seeing this on? Also, do you have a ticket about it and if so can you post the ticket number?

This was probably due to this incident: Cloudflare Status - Single File Cache Purging Delays
Do you still have this issue?

I did check that, but it shouldn’t have affected Purge Everything.

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Thanks for your replies. Ticket number is 2269043

We resolved the issue eventually by issuing a Purge Everything through the API however all previous attempts to purge everything or purge individual file still resulted in file with last-modified set to May 18 being returned from LHR. Requests via VPN to other locations (eg DUB) were returning correct file dated today.

I’m not sure if our Purge Everything via API did actually resolve the issue, or was just coincidence that the underlying issue happened to get resolved at the same time.

Another twist to this incident is that the version of the file in question dated May 18 has been replaced many times (maybe 10 or more) since that date, so how can that old version still be cached somewhere?

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