Page not leading + DNS information to GoDaddy

My site is not loading. GoDaddy says Cloudflare needs to provide me with the DNS information necessary (for me to share with GoDaddy) to correct this. Nobody at Cloudflare seems available. How do I fix this as i have no idea.

First, have you changed your nameservers to Cloudflare’s? If not, on the Cloudflare dashboard it will clearly tell you to change them. GoDaddy’s procedure for changing nameservers is here, and it’s the “Enter my own nameservers (advanced)” button.

If that’s not the issue, Cloudflare can’t help you, since that’s up to the host (GoDaddy). If your nameservers are set up properly, you’ll need to get a CNAME or A record from GoDaddy for your webserver.

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