Page Not Found ONLY for Some Users

Hi, I set up my Cloudflare for a google domain that is being hosted on heroku. I followed the steps to set the name servers to only these:

I have the DNSSEC setup.

I have the cname pointing to the heroku on Cloudflare.

Everything seems right, but SOME users are seeing Page Not Found or XXXXXXXXX’s server IP address could not be found when they visit the domain, while everyone else (myself included) are able to connect the the site just fine. What is happening and how do I remedy it?

Have you only just (within 24 hours) moved your nameservers?

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No, it’s been about five-six days

Can you share the domain name?

The main thing I can think of is that some clients have a cached DNS entry. But 5-6 days is a bit too long. The defaults on any DNS server would not have a TTL that long.

Not sure if this is related, but if I do a ping on, I’m only seeing an ipv6 address and not an ipv4 one

DNS is not fully propagated:

Is there anything I can do?

You should file a ticket with Support and ask them why it’s taking such a long time to propagate. Click on the Support or Help link above, then at the bottom of the window > Submit a request, then pick the option Get Additional Help.

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