Page not editing?

There is a file /ads.txt even if I deleted it, it is still hosted on the site, I dont want to deleted it, I wasnt to edit it, but the changes do not edit. There is a demo.html, if I edit this it changes, I am stumped at what to to.

Now, there is a wordpress plugin that produces the a similar file, not sure, if related.

Also, the CDN shows connected to the service ezoic in the DNS (I think)

I dont have all the answers as I just got the site transferred to me.

The website is laptopsreviewer dot com

What do you want to accomplish?

Ah, got it, I suspect the issue is something with

:search: ezoic on this site, the usual issue is related to the ezoic access to your dash where their system uses your credentials and alters records to match to their expectations. You’re probably not going to get a lot of good input here as it seems the usual solution to ezoic posts is moving away from ezoic.

You should ask them directly what’s going on and why you are hitting issues. And please, share the answer here for others downtheline…

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I endorse the recommendation of contacting Ezoic. I would start with their Community.

While I have never used Ezoic, I have read their documentation in the course of assisting Cloudflare users here in this Community. The most important part of using Ezoic with Cloudflare integration is to ensure that all of your DNS changes are made from the Ezoic dashboard. Any made directly Cloudflare will be overwritten by your Ezoic integration.

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