Page not displaying properly on mobile devices

For many months’ time, my site is frequently, but not always, displaying improperly on mobile devices. The hamburger menu and sub-menus on mobile often do not work. The site is

I’d say you’d have to modify the menu items so they link to the #, therefore on mobile while clicking on it it shouldn’t go anywhere.

Otherwise, I can’t figure out if it’s a mega-menu or bootstrap CSS, but there are tips how to fix this and to make it work either with CSS selector like :focus-within or CSS property display:block.

I am afraid this hasn’t anything to do with Cloudflare Auto Minify nor Rocket Loader.

I tried to test out by modifying the URL of the dropdown menu item via Inspect Element using Developer Tools (F12) with my Web browser, but the “click” actually follows it as per default event.

It seems like you’re missing a piece of code and if that so, I am afraid this might be out of a scope of this forums and more like for a question on the StackOverflow.

Could be I am wrong.

Try temporary disabling Auto Minify options for HTML, CSS and JS therefore disable Rocket Loader feature. See if anything changes at all.

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