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Recently we moved our client site to different domain - same ip. We have redirects to our new domain.
We have configured caching for old domain. what we have to do to have cloudfare caching on new domain?
When we ping old domain it is pointing to cloudfare servers. New is not even ip is the same. Do we have to add new site or we can use existing old configuration? Just cant to find some steps to do this.
Hope you guys can help.


Post the domains in question.


Old was:


The new domain does not point to Cloudflare go begin with.


So my steps would be to Add new site?

Sorry, just havent done this before, new stuff for me. Only thing that i have done in cloudfare is cleared cache :smiley:


Sure, if you want the new site to be under Cloudflare as well (the old one is, isnt it?) you will need to add it too.


Old one is under Cloudfare. only thing i did is added DNS for the new site. Should i delete old one?
Site is using wordpress, it is connected to this zone in cloudfare.


I’d suggest you start with

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