Page not available - wayback machine won't go away

Our web developer is completely stuck with this result showing up on any page he’s working on:

I’ve never seen anything like this before. He had previously been using the Wayback Machine plugin for Safari, and oddly, the broken image it’s trying to reference is prefixed with safari-extension://

So now all the pages he’s put up, e.g. are stuck with this weirdness for everybody, no matter what browser / platform they’re on. It’s even showing that on the Wordpress editor page for pricing-2

Existing pages like are working fine. I’ve done the following with no success:

  • Purged cache
  • Turned off “Always On” mode
  • Purged cache
  • Turned on developer mode
  • Have I mentioned purging the cache? Great, I did that again.

Where is this coming from? And how can we defeat it?

Thanks - John

Might be coming from some sort of WordPress plugin. Try disabling the WordPress plugins one by one and see which one is causing the issue.

We worked out what it was…

  • The webdev was running the WayBack Machine extension.
  • He had some sort of outage and it looks like the Wayback extension inserted stuff into the page he was editing
  • So that popup was being generated locally by our Wordpress on those specific pages
  • I don’t know what the Cloudflare “AlwaysOn” integration with Wayback looks like so we thought it might be that, but it wasn’t.

Case closed. Thanks.