Page loads multiple times randomly after rocket loader is disabled

We proxied some stage sites on Cloudflare recently, but the user experience isn’t very good, it loads some content first, then display a blank page, after that, it displays all the content. For instance Used Material Handling Equipment for Sale | Papé Material Handling.
So we decided to disable Rocket Loader and hope all the content display “at one time”.

Now we have a different issue, after Rocket Loader is disabled, the page seems to load as expected most of the time, but sometimes the page loads multiple times randomly (Sometimes it loads 1, 3 or 5 times if you open or refresh a page), for instance Used Tractors & Farm Equipment for Sale | Papé Machinery Agriculture & Turf.
This issue occurs randomly, you may need to refresh this page a few times in order to recreate this issue.

It seems that the page redirects to itself, so I changed SSL/TLS mode from Full to Full (strict), but it didn’t fix the issue. I also can’t find anything useful from Cloudflare code I am hoping to get some suggestions here, thanks!

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