Page Loading Very Slow... Could It Be A Hidden Rule?

My Website loads very slowly when I click between pages on the top right menu.

Please, try to see what happens when you do it.
I keep getting “waterfalled” for 1.7-2+mins.

When I look closer, it predominantly states; ‘moved permanently’ then it cycles through another reload (4 in total; 2 with tail, 2 without trails) then they load.

If you temporarily route around or disable Cloudflare on the domain, does the issue persist? The slow response time is likely related to your origin.

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Still slow responses.

If you’re still seeing slow responses with Cloudflare disabled, then this is definitely an issue with your origin server and something I’d take up with your host and/or configuration.

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I’ve been chatting with an Admin on my Origin, he thinks it could be my code. But, I don’t see any issues. I see some basic navigation deprecations relating to content.js and invisible.js; but nothing to critical. I’ll respond back with further info after I talk to them more. Thank you @cherryjimbo.

I’m still waiting for response from my host, however one of the Admins I’m friends with hasn’t said much, just agreed it did take a very long time. So long, he eventually gave up… Then when I re-enabled Cloudflare on my website I now get a Cloudflare is trying to attack me via SSL? I’m confused.