Page loading twice?

Hi there.
I’ve got a little problem with my website, especially on Safari browser appears that page loading twice?
Quick explanation, and clip for you to have a look.
When Im loading my page first time everything is ok, loading once, I can log in and then after login out from my forum, its looks like page lading twice ?When Im clicking on logo, loading twice with different web description in the tab?Please check video and you will see what `I mean.
So the question is, did I’ve done something wrong with Cloudflare setups(checked my script 100 times and wasn’t change a bit) Page was behaving ok before switching to Cloudflare… please check video that was uploaded on WeTransfer website due to size and chat restrictions.

Id like to add that after second load my url looks like that Forums - Xbox-Vibes it’s that sometimes do with certificate transparency??

What’s the URL of the page that loads twice?

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