Page loading speed 12 seconds

How to speed up the site. GTmetrix

Tell me please advice: how to speed up the site? I searched the forum, but I can not find an answer on my question.

Page loading speed 12 seconds


On Cloudflare I use free rate for now.
Browser cache expiration: 1 day
Auto Minify: js, html, css
Brotli: on
Rocket Loader: on

I’m not sure that the ARGO tool and the PRO account will help me somehow. What can you advise me? Thank you in advance!

It actually loads fine for me. Less than three seconds. Also at

What seems to add a lot in your test case are the exteral resources you are embedding (mostly VKontakte) but thats something you (or Cloudflare) wont have any influence on. Your site itself loads fine.

“fully load time” mean nothing… its actually not what you think it means, and not what people talk about when they talk about “speed”
test your site in here - in multiple regions multi times and ignore the “fully loaded time” parameter

Thanks for such quick replies.

Check on the site: - gives all the results are excellent, except for this:
First Byte Time (back-end processing): 37/100
976 ms First Byte Time
355 ms Target First Byte Time

This may be due to external js (Vkontakte and Yandex)?

google is full of ttfb explanations, they can explain better than me but its not related to js

It turns out that Cloudflare did not help my site. My little blog posted on VPS is fast enough …

I want Google’s ratings to be EXCELLENT.
I check other similar sites, their results are 100 points …

My site:

Similar site:

VKontake is not responsible for the first byte, but that value isnt that bad either, only in some locations it is slightly delayed. Again, the site loads fine.

if you want your score to be 100 is very simple: just fix what ever they tell you and you will get 100

Why do I need Cloudflare then?

If I do that they will tell me and my site will receive a rating of “100”, then I will no longer need any Cloudflare. One VPS will be enough!

Well, why did you sign up with Cloudflare?

Obviously Cloudflare can only improve loading times of your own site, not third parties’.

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