Page loading issue

why some of the page like woocommerce checkout page and my account page shows too many redirect error and al other pages worked perfectly fine. how to solved this problem ?

Is your SSL set to “flexible” ssl?

yes it was set to flexible, free SLL from Cloudflare but i have set it to http on wp-config because of the too many redirect error that occur while i try to access the website after setting it to http now i can access my website but i can’t access some of the page like checkout and my account page.

My guess is that checkout page and the account page do their own forced checks for HTTPS, but with Flexible SSL the connection between the server and Cloudflare is regular HTTP. Not sure of a fix, other than setting up the server itself to work over port 443 and HTTPS.

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thank you for giving your time.

Wordpress sometimes acts weird with Flexible SSL. Check out this plugin and carefully read their instructions:

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Thank you for the response.

The only way I was forcing SSL was with that WooCommerce setting. I haven’t really had to think about forcing SSL before, because it just happened with the PMPro plugin. There were no issues there.