Page load times issues

I’m having issues with load times on my website and I’m trying to find a solution.

When I initially connect through Chrome (Incognito), the Waiting (TTFB) load time is ~10s
If I close, re-open Chrome (Incognito), and connect to the site again, the Waiting (TTFB) load time is ~200ms
Then, if I wait a few minutes to connect again, the Waiting (TTFB) load time goes back to ~10s
The same happens on Firefox and Edge.

My Caching Level is set to Standard and my Browser Cache TTL is set to 4 Hours

Now the weird part is, if I connect through Chrome and the Waiting (TTFB) load time is ~10s, then I immediately open and connect through Firefox or Edge, the Waiting (TTFB) load time is 200ms. This makes me think it isn’t a browser cache issue since these browsers don’t share cache files. I’ve tried turning on Cloudflare’s Development Mode, to bypass the cache, but the issue still happens.

I’m not really sure what next steps to take for troubleshooting.
Any help is appreciated.

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