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My target audience is in the US, but server is currently located in Europe. So my question is: When on a free plan at Cloudflare, will I get better page load speed if I move my server to the US?

Yeah, that would guarantee a considerable speed gain.

Not guarantee, it would allow for… it depends on the configuration, the amount of files, the traffic, etc.


TTFB is still dependent on the time it takes to get data from your server. After that, though, overall load speed should improve.


The time it would take for Cloudflare to reach the backend has to improve greatly if you move the content from Europe to the USA, this is considering the main source of traffic is in the USA.

Latency plays a huge role when loading websites and having it cut by nearly “half” of the distance must be noticeable.

The distance from Europe to the USA is approximately 4900 miles whereas the USA Width is approximately 2800 miles.
It is not a perfect metric, but you can take a very strong guess that no matter where the visitor and the server are in the USA, you are guaranteed to have better latency than the visitor being in the USA and your sever in Europe.

Obviously there are more factors to take into account such as the routes, but if everything is alright you should have no doubts that the speed will be faster than what @cuelistings currently has.

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Sorry, yeah. I totally misread the question. I though he was asking if he would get a boost in speed from simply adding Cloudflare with the server in Europe. In that case my answer stands, but given the ask was if there would be a boost moving the server to the US then you are right…

You would get a boost for all the requests which are not cached. The number of those depends on the factors above.

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