Page limit

You have reached the soft limit for the number of projects on your account. Please contact support to create more projects.

It’s been 8 days since the ticket was created, but no one has been able to help solve the issue in support. The request was submitted 18 days ago. How can we expedite the resolution of this matter?


What’s the ticket ID?


Thanks! PM of Pages here!

Received the request - could you tell me a little bit about your use case?

We need an increase in the ‘Workers & Pages’ limit to run more ads from multiple ad sources. Currently, we are working with advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook, TikTok, and we want to boost the amount of ads by launching more of them through Cloudflare Pages. Sorry for my english

Thanks for using Cloudflare Pages @andreybull.98

I understand that you already requested an increase to a limit, via the Limit Increase Request Form. Per the PM of Pages, your request has been received and we should hear about the next steps based on your use case soon.

I updated the ticket accordingly.


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