Page Level redirects without server access

Found the same question (almost) here: 301 Redirects, Page Rules, and costs But it closed.

Basically, I’m migrating sites to a SaaS platform without server access and I want to execute page-level redirects.

Like redirecting:

but without .htaccess, plugins, or the like.

There was mention of Workers, but I didn’t understand if that would work or not.

If there’s a way, I can follow instructions and learn, but … is it possible?

Thank you in advance.


You can do this with page rules and forwards. Check out #Tutorials for more details on it, but it is pretty straightforward.


Hi Sandro. Thank you. I’m very happy that it is possible, but also kind of mind blown with the tutorials page and can’t see how to move forward. I did look and read several tutorials and all the titles; didn’t see something for pages (not subdomains or sites), and some of the tech is past me. I can probably figure it out if I am indeed studying the right place.

I’d move my DNS here, set up page rules for individual URL redirects at the same time I point to the new SaaS host?

To do anything with Cloudflare, you will have to point your domain to Cloudflare’s nameservers anyhow.

Then, redirects are pretty easy to set up. Go to and create a page rule with the right path pattern and point it to the new URL.

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Hi @dan47,

WRT #Tutorials, if you look at Community Tutorials, there is a section on page rules, which includes a generic introduction to redirecting with page rules, along with specific ones for various use cases.


@sandro @domjh,

Thanks guys for the extra assist. I appreciate the extra confidence before making commitments. I will study up and test!




It should be pretty easy. You really just need to create a page rule, define the matching path pattern, and the destination.

Should you still encounter issues, post a screenshot of the page rule you configured so far and it should be easy to sort that out in a few seconds :slight_smile:

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Fantastic, thank you!!


OK - set up a test domain

Set a rule as:

Should become

Am I overlooking something?


DNS was changed at GoDaddy and confirmed at CF

You are not, but the redirect does already work.

Indeed. Impatience strikes again! Thank you!

Based on your description of the project, it’s worth noting that the redirect status code should probably be 301 instead of 302, as it seems like this is a permanent url update that search engines should also be made aware of.

Absolutely. I used the 302 just for tests but I appreciate the heads-up.

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