Page is stuck at "Checking your browser before accessing ..."


This page used to work up until recently and it is now stuck on the message " Checking your browser before accessing …" and never gets to the actual page.

Any suggestions?


Is this a website you own, or are you trying to visit a website ran by someone else?


A website I own.


Can you post the URL?


Page is
This is a WordPress website. But the specific page is hosted with ClickFunnels and is integrated with the website using a ClickFunnels plugin.

Thank you!


I can confirm the challenge loop (@domjh :smile:) however only for the /social-media-certification directory. The main page loads without challenge. Do you have a page rule for this directory?

What do you mean by “integrated using the plugin”? My guess would be there is some issue in that configuration. I would open a support ticket.

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