Page is slow after CloudFlare Adsense Guard

I have added my website on Cloudflare Adsense guard.
The issue is adsense guard is no longer showing on Cloudflare website.

And the website is getting slower,

I am not able to remove this code from website.

As far as I know Cloudflare has never offered anything called Adsense Guard.

They were offering before. but its removed now.
But the code is still running behind. Slowing the page.

This is a third party app, not a first party service. Support is handled by the app themselves.

I can’t help you, contact them as to why it was removed (the app’s owners).

Its removed from their website. But the code is running behind,
I need to remove that adsense Guard code.

It’s in the dashboard.

Brother am extremely thanks full to you.
Problem is resolved :).

If you can help me in one more issue.
After activating Cloudflare website is not signing in.
On Test machine its working fine.

I’d personally open a new topic. So we don’t mix issues.

Okay brother thanks for you help.

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