Page is not updating after changes in wordpress dashboard

After making changes to my website in wordpress and pushing the updates they are not reflected in the website but do persist in wordpress.

Heres a snippet of what I was told
For this page 304 response reverts back - it means that the system does not recognise that the page was updated.

This is connected to something on the Cloudflare end.

We also tried manual cache reset right in the Cloudflare account, but it did not help.

Could you please contact Cloudflare support and ask them for reasons why the Home page reverts with 304 response? Depending on their answer we will come up with the next steps.

Can you share more information? As much of the following information as you can share is helpful.

Hello, thank you for replying, here are the answers to your questions.

  1., I am the owner.
  2. Expected result, a change that is made in the WordPress backend is reflected on the website.
    2b. Actual result, the English website remains the same, other language websites are updated.
  3. We tried, clearing caches, turning proxies on and off,
  4. Screenshots are attached of the updated area of the website on the Spanish site but unupdated on English site.

    5.There is no error message.
  5. Was not able to contact CF CS because of plan restriction.

Sorry, that is a screenshot of the English site.

This is the Spanish one.