Page is not be updating on Cloudflare

The page appears to not be updating on Cloudflare. There’ve been many changes that are not shown. Hard refreshing the browser brings the correct page, but further refreshes also bring the incorrect page.
Please advice

HTTP/2 200
cf-cache-status: HIT

Have you tried purging cache?

100 times


  1. What you see
  2. What you are expecting to see

That issue may be also related to the insecure legacy encryption mode you currently have enabled on Cloudflare, which is known for breaking sites.

In addition, you also do not seem to have a valid certificate on your server. You best pause Cloudflare and contact your host first to get this fixed.


Thank you all,
after enabling development mode and then cleaning cache worked, just cleaning the cache didnt work.
How can i pernament pause CF?

Found it , thank you again

Thank you , i didnt noticed that ssl is expired because of cloudflare, i will renew it now

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