Page is down after nameservers update on domain

I changed servernames on my domain, my domain is in host. Now I get the error on my website “The requested URL was not found on this server”.

Hi there,

This error suggests we were seeing a 404 when adding the site to Cloudflare. A 404 means that the HTTP request cannot find the file in the location it is looking on the web server, this is not typically caused by Cloudflare - but there are some configurations on our end that could potentially cause it.

I can see your site is not currently running through Cloudflare and not using our nameservers - if you can re-add your site to Cloudflare and if you run into an issue you should be able to pause our service - Gathering information for troubleshooting sites – Cloudflare Help Center

We do need the site on Cloudflare and using our nameservers, in order to try replicate this issue.

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