Page is cached despite Worker BYPASS attempt

Hello everyone,
I managed to setup cache and defined cache everything for my domain in

My website is developed in WP and I have setup a worker to ignore some pages and BYPASS cache in case those pages/elements are related to WooCommerce or any of my products/checkout pages.

However I discovered that those pages are still being cached - despite my Worker ( telling them to :
response.headers.set(“x-cfw-cache”, “BYPASS”);

Those are the pages I have the problem with :
When they are cached the checkout part of that page is also cached apparently and I see the wrong product after switching between those pages a couple of times. (It works with CartFlows plugin in WP).
I know this pages are cached because I checked the Status on the headers and it was a ‘HIT’.

I believe my worker is not working when it should (despite the Route being defined - see attachment)
I plan to upgrade my Worker plan to paid plan if this works properly.

What am I doing wrong ? Why are those pages being cached ? (yes I purged my cache)
*The worker code was tested and works inside the code editor and returns the correct results (BYPASS) for those URL’s.

Would appreciate any help! Planning to buy the workers/month plan after I finish testing if everything works.
Anton O.

@sdayman - Hello (=
Sorry for the direct approach but I have noticed you are a pillar of the community and I hoped you might be able to help.
I have tried fixing it, posted in the group and opened a ticket but so far no luck in getting a reply, would appreciate it if you could give me a suggestion :pray:


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