Page is being cached, how to control?

Hello. I have a website and I see a strange bug.

  1. I enter the home page. On the top I see “Register” and “Login” links, I am unauthorized
  2. I go to the login page and login
  3. I got redirected back to the home page. The problem is that I still see “Login” and “Register” button in the header instead of “Hello username” text. I have a feeling that I didn’t get in and I am still unauthorized.
  4. If I refresh the page - everything gets ok, I see that I am authorized in the header.

So, what’s hapenning? Users think their login was wrong, however it was ok, just the text on the header is cached and wrong.

If I look in headers I see:
cache-control: max-age=600
server: cloudflare
expires: now + 10 minutes

I don’t have any Cloudflare application installed. How can I disable that cache to prevent this bug? Thanks.

Hi @user7555,

If you put Cloudflare in development mode, does the issue go away?

No, it doesn’t. Currently development mode is enabled.
My website is VARTA.UA . Please go and see headers. I see
cache-control: max-age=600
server: cloudflare
expires: now + 10 minutes

Hello! Can anybody help me? I see “This topic will automatically close in 8 days.” text in the forum and I am afraid to not have an answer.

Where do you see that? There is no cache-control: max-age=600 in your main HTML page, and page is not being cached. It’s being served directly from your origin.

If there was a cache-control: max-age=600 earlier, it means that it either came from your server, or you added a page-rule with “cache everything” and “Edge cache TTL”. If you setup rules like that, it means you will cache html pages also.

Here is it. My webserver doesn’t send such headers.

If there is no cf-cache-status header, then CF is not the one doing the caching. Maybe your host has its own cache plugin or cache server in front of your server.

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I see there is cache-control today, but clearly not yesterday from here at least (ref screenshot). That cache-control: max-age=600 is not coming from Cloudflare … There’s not even a setting in Cloudflare to “cache for 10 minutes” (600 seconds), and Cloudflare will never cache html documents anyway, unless you have a “Cache everything” catch-all page rule. Also, you said you already tried “development mode” and the header was still there … “development mode” means that Cloudflare won’t do anything at all, and just passes on from your origin.

This header is from your server or a cms plugin. You can try to uncheck the orange cloud in DNS settings to entirely bypass Cloudflare.


Yes, you were right. The problem was not with CLoudflare. Thank everybody for the help

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