Page half loading after changing DNS

after I use Cloudflare as DNS my website is not loading completely and some times not loading at all!
my domain is in GoDaddy
website address is:

Have tried, and your Website loads successfully.
DNS check as I see all point to Cloudflare.

Have you tried clearing your Web browser cache and / or restarting your router due to the DNS cache on router or in your OS?

If the domain has successfully propagated, try out the Purge DNS cache for NS, A, AAAA, CNAME, SOA via:

thank you for your answer
may I ask you to compare it with and check if it really loaded successfully?
yes I cleared the cache also testing with several browsers
I purge DNS as you said
nothing changed yet

Yes, both load fine.
Just, the .fr domain seems to not have header background image or?

And here on screenshoots could not load the images below, because I haven’t scroll-ed all to the bottom … and you are using “lazyload” so that should be also considered.

Appreciate your time but that is the exact problem I have
the background photo is not opening and also if you open the project in french language you cannot see the photos
while you can see it in other languages!

The resource of the background photo is pointed to the:
style='background-color: #343a40;background:url("**/uploads/images/slider2020/online_property_tour_nl-min.jpg**")' under the same domain, but when we try to open it, then it redirects us to the

Why? Seems as it does not exists or not being uploaded to the correct path/location?

As far as I can see it is WordPress with WPML or some other multilanguage plugin.
Switch to the other language needed in WordPress dashboard.
Upload the same image to that new language.
Or create a new slider and upload the same image again - for the selected language.
Or try to duplicate from the first language to the second and save.

Moreover, I believe this issue is not related to the Cloudflare itself as far as it is on the application/Website background itself.

that photo’s link might be wrong
but the big problem is that the web site HTML codes are not loading completely
the screenshot that you took has the footer but for us, there is no footer at all
and sometimes there is not loading at all

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