Page functions in the dashboard?

Hi, I saw in Deploying Pages Functions with wrangler cli - #13 by mcfadyeni that Cloudflare Pages functions not appearing in the dashboard was a known bug. Was just wondering if this is still an open bug. Its a bit confusing getting started and not seeing my functions on the dashboard anywhere, since they also don’t appear in the Workers section. It might also be nice to have a way to view all of the active functions from wrangler.

It is not. Make sure you’re on the latest wrangler version

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Hmm, I’m on 2.4.4, but don’t see a way to list cloud functions, maybe I’m missing something?

And where should I be seeing them in the dashboard? I see a Functions tab for my Page, but no functions listed under it.

In the Functions tab on the deployment you’ll be able to see info on the Functions deployed.

What do you currently see?

Just seeing Bindings, Real-time logs, Routing configuration and Invocation routes. I do see the function in Routing configuration details, but nowhere else. Is that where its supposed to be? See screenshot below

Yep so that’s your Function

What other info are you looking for?

I was hoping to have the same kind of metrics that I get over on the Workers tab. Requests, duration, CPU time

I see the metrics in aggregate over on Function Metrics next to deploy, which is pretty helpful, but it would be great to get a breakdown of that per function

Guess that depends what you mean by per Function haha. Your project can only have 2 Functions (Worker - prod & preview). So we show what we can
Just like Workers, we don’t have the info (and literally cannot get the info) for things like paths

The Functions metrics are per project, so that is as drilled down as we can get :slight_smile:

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Got it, I guess I didn’t fully realize that pages only have 2 functions, I was thinking a 1 to 1 mapping of functions to workers. I guess I can use Service Bindings and do the mapping myself in [[path]].ts or similar. Appreciate the help @WalshyMVP!

hey @WalshyMVP a related followup question is can I use Workers Analytics Engine on my page Functions?

Analytics Engine is not supported today, we’re waiting for the binding to be “stable” (which is currently in the works)

I hope to support it soon :slight_smile:

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