Page forwarding - page rule, redirect?


I am trying to do something that I think should be basic, but I am a novice and lost.

I want to send all traffic from HTTP or HTTPS and or to

First, you need to create DNS records for and on the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard because these currently do not exist. If you’re only going to use these to redirect to another domain, feel free to set the DNS record type to AAAA and use 100:: as a target (this is a discard prefix). Make sure these records are proxied, because otherwise any rules (Page Rules, Redirect Rules, etc.) won’t apply: Page Rules · Cloudflare Rules docs.

Once you’ve done that, you need to configure a Redirect Rule that targets these hostnames. The easiest way to do this is described at Page rule to redirect all URLs to root domain - #4 by sjr.


Thank you, looks like it’s working.

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