Page forwarding not working (but used to)

Hi all,

For some reason, my Page Rule to forward a URL (302 - temporary) has stopped working. The URL is Hostfully. It used to forward properly, but now is just going to the main CNAME page. I’ve run a diagnostic (, but doesn’t seem to tell me much. Does a CNAME take priority over a page forwarding rule perhaps?

Thanks in advance…

Your DNS records are not proxied or you pause Cloudflare. In either case requests won’t go via Cloudflare, hence page rules won’t fire either.

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Thanks sandro. I’ve now turned on proxies, but it’s still not getting rewritten.

Seems it does.

$ curl -I
HTTP/2 302

yes, thanks! had to add a * at the front of the url page match to make www work in addition to root…

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