Page don't showed on mobile until a click or scroll page

I have a WordPress website using the WP Rocket plugin and Cloudflare and it works fine on a computer. But when I tested on mobile almost any page just show the top menu bar over a white page and the rest of the content is showed just after a click, tap or scroll was made.
This is a link that you can test with your cell phone:

And this is a link bypassing WP Rocket:

Thanks in advance for any clue to solve it.
Edwin L.

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When I simulate a mobile device in Firefox, the site is blank until I wave the mouse around over the page.

I do see this in the console log:


Thanks for your comment, I have active in the WP Rocket plugin the ‚ÄúLoad Javascript deferred‚ÄĚ and the ‚ÄúDelay Javascript execution‚ÄĚ after deactivated the pages works fine on mobile.

One of the two options will be need an exception rule for the Google Tag Mgr.

Last question, do you konw how to obtain the JQuery name that is need it? It is possible to obtain the name in the console log?

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