Page doesn't work when using custom domains

Hello guys,

I meet a strange issue, I deployed a website (ssr) to Cloudflare Pages

  • If I visit this website via, it works well.

  • If I visit this website via the custom domain, the website doesn’t work.

And I will got an error in Console

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'nextSibling')
    at Generator.5716170e.js:30:155
    at Vj (Generator.5716170e.js:30:829)
    at web.df40e54a.js:1:4979
    at v (web.df40e54a.js:1:923)
    at Ee (web.df40e54a.js:1:4973)
    at d.renderId (client.24bbb441.js:1:559)
    at web.df40e54a.js:1:6224
    at L.r (web.df40e54a.js:1:429)
    at k (web.df40e54a.js:1:2817)
    at L (web.df40e54a.js:1:470)

Why? I didn’t do anything, only visit the website via custom domain.

Please help, thank you.

Likely minification or rocket loader, I’d recommend disabling both and seeing if the issue still persists.

Hello guys

I uploaded a folder with a json file _routes.json to Cloudflare pages, but I always get the error

Specifying a _routes json is an experimental feature.

How to fix this? Thank you.

That isn’t an error, are you seeing any issues?

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Thank you for the reply.

Please check this post.

Thank you.

Please check this post for the solution.

Thank you so much.

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