Page crashes if unused for awhile

I’m using Ezoic for my ad management, and their system goes through Cloudflare.

Since doing that, though, I’ve discovered a problem that they claim to not be able to duplicate.

If I leave my site open for awhile (go eat dinner or whatever) and then come back to it, the tab is fully unresponsive. I can move my mouse over it, but there are no hover changes and nothing is clickable.

If I refresh the page, it will run for about 90 seconds before asking if I want to Wait or Exit. If I choose to Wait, it will just keep trying to refresh until it asks again. If I say Exit it will crash the page, and THEN I can refresh it with no problem.

Occasionally, I don’t get that option to exit the page, and the only solution is to close the tab and reopen it. Then all is well.

This happens whether I have their ads enabled or not, and I’ve had it happen using Chrome, Firefox, and on my mobile device. It also happens whether the tab with my site is the main tab or if it’s in the background while I’m using another tab.

Any suggestions?

If you pause cloudflare on the site, does it happen?

Ezoic doesn’t have a way to pause it, my only option is to change the DNS and wait 24 hours :-/ I’m going to try that now, and I’ll report back tomorrow.

that will hurt you on time as certificate will need to be reissued, propagation time. Can you go here and select pause cloudflare from advanced actions in the lower right?

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Just to keep you updated, it turns out that the issue is with Ezoic, after all. I’ll post a few details in case someone in the future has this issue, too.

After letting the page sit open overnight, I came back and opened Debugger > Network and then refreshed the page. It made roughly 6,000 broken requests that looked like this:

Status: 204 No Content
Method: POST
Initiator: beacon

I did some research and confirmed that /detroitchicago/greenoaks.gif is Ezoic’s script.

After roughly 6,000 of those broken requests, it finally returned 6 that weren’t broken and then the page loaded quickly.

I reported this to my Ezoic rep on Sept 27, 2023.


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