Page can’t be found

Hello, I have created a NextJs project and tried to deploy it into the pages… the Deploy was successful but when I tried to open the domain … I am getting error page cant be found…
I am using i18n in my project.

You should be doing next export instead of next build.

Build = Builds for web server (SSR, etc)
Export = Builds a static site (CF Pages, etc)

but we get build error when using next export because of the i18n… is there any alternative ways for that ?

Take a look at this issue: i18n with next export calls getStaticProps for each defined lang, but then errors · Issue #18318 · vercel/next.js · GitHub

It seems to not be supported. You could probably use Workers to workaround this but I can’t really help with that sadly.

I suggest joining the Discord if you want to go that route, there’s a lot of people with more knowledge than me on NextJS.
Link: Cloudflare Workers