Page caching to old site after moving to Shopify

Hi there,

We’ve recently had a new site moved into Shopify where we previously had a Wordpress site using Cloudflare as a service. All the DNS is completely away from the old host and yet still about 50% of users are still seeing the old Wordpress site. I know Shopify uses Cloudflare as it’s CDN, is there any sort of weird crossover we’re getting since this site previously had Cloudflare active on it. Thanks in advance.

Are you managing your DNS in a Cloudflare account?

If not, when did you make the change? If in the last day then you may be waiting for the nameserver change to propagate. Make sure you’ve not left any of the old nameservers behind when changing them.

Otherwise, what is the domain?

Hi there,

DNS in managed within our Krystal hosting account. So the nameservers are pointing towards there and these were changed last Tuesday/Wednesday.

The domain is:

Shopify has their own IP addresses routed through Cloudflare and those are what your domain resolves to for me (I’m seeing an under construction page if that’s what you have on Shopify) so I can’t think why that would be happening unless your old site had a long cache on all its pages.

Yeah so you’re actually seeing the old site if you’ve got an under construction page, this is the issue we’re having. I’ve never come across this before.

Was your previous host using Cloudflare (as opposed to you using your own Cloudflare account with a Wordpress host)? If so, contact them and ask them to check your domain isn’t connected in their Cloudflare for SaaS account (although I’d have expected that to affect all users, not 50%).

As far as I’m aware the nameservers used to point towards Cloudflare and we’re handled that way and we have our own Cloudflare account. If that’s any help?

It shouldn’t matter, but did you delete the zone from your Cloudflare account?

It’s been set to pause I think, last I checked. Do you think it’s worth just removing entirely?

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