Page caching seems not working for both dynamic and static pages. i did everything

Page caching seems not working for both dynamic and static pages.

Error on dynamic page ( Cache status: BYPASS - Cloudflare has been instructed to not cache this asset. It has been served directly from the origin.

Error on static resource (This is a Test Page): Unable to find the Cache-Control response header.

Please check if the page caching is working by yourself by surfing the website in incognito mode 'cause sometimes Cloudflare bypass the cache for cURL requests. Reload a page two or three times. If you see the response header cf-cache-status: HIT , the page caching is working well.

I installed the plugin in my wordpress website and I don’t have any other plugin for cache like WPRocket, but always the same problem, i did everything, i searched on a lot of forums and i did a lot of things but always the samee problem

my website is so slow and i added it to cloudflare for speed but it’s still slow and this issue ruin me 2 days now, please if someone know how to solve it, please help me!!

Thank you all!

From what I am reading, if you are trying to cache the HTML webpage, you might want to use a Page Rule with the settings like Cache Level: Cache Everything.

By default, HTML content is not cached as stated at the link from below:

If so, while using WordPress and WPRocket, kindly consider to proprely configure WPRocket to make sure it’s working correctly as needed with Cloudflare by following the instructions from below article:

I see:
cache-control: s-maxage=31536000, max-age=60

Despite the Cloudflare BYPASS:
cf-cache-status: BYPASS

I see multiple caches from the origin - without WPRocket first:

x-nginx-cache: WordPress
x-wp-cf-super-cache: cache
x-endurance-cache-level: 0

You are using, or at least your host + WordPress plugin, an Nginx php-fpm cache + using WordPress Cloudflare Super Page Cache (not an official plugin) + some Endurance Page Cache plugin?

This is a way too much and I am afraid, you cannot achieve what you want.

Nevertheless, you could end-up having issues if you update some of your content and somehow you cache the homepage, it won’t get updated as soon as you might think.

I see:

cf-cache-status: HIT
x-endurance-cache-level: 0
x-nginx-cache: WordPress

But yes, I do not see cache-control HTTP headers.

You can control them either from your origin host/server and tell Cloudflare to Respect them by using a Page Rule with the setting Origin Cache Control: On.

Otherwise, setting up the Browser Cache TTL and Edge Cache TTL at Cloudflare dashboard to make them appear.

Or, using Transform Rules to modify your reponse HTTP headers.

I would rather disable all that and use the official Cloudflare plugin for WordPress and in combination with for example WP Super Cache . Works perfectly!

I am sorry to hear that. Kindly, consider below:

Quick tip: Tune-up your PHP values a bit:

memory_limit = 256M
max_execution_time = 300
max_input_time = 1000
max_input_vars = 5000 or 7000
post_max_size = 64M
upload_max_filesize = 32M

Nevertheless, you could try to install some caching plugin for webpage html cache like WP Super Cache:

You can try out Cloudflare APO for WordPress for a month and see the difference.
May I suggest below articles and useful links:

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