Page caching misconfiguration: is it the fault of Cloudflare or the server? Can it be fixed on Cpanel?

Users report logging in with normal credentials but seeing other usernames on the tab. Fortunately the software recognizes it as a security error and it disappears after the page has been refreshed. I have also encountered this glitch a few times and consider it a persistent annoyance.

When I contacted the host, I was told to purge the Cloudflare cache (even though we didn’t have CF for days) and then clear the browser cache and web history. This seems like an unlikely solution, as many users report experiencing this issue. I asked the host again and they said that they had updated the “Synchronize DNS Records,” but this appears to have done nothing. I asked them to look into the problem a third time and they told us to clear our web browsers.

Is this a fault on Cloudflare’s end or the host? How do we resolve this issue?

Unlikely if you dont use Cloudflare anymore. Whats the domain?

No, we still use Cloudflare, it’s just that we didn’t have any CF covering for a number of days.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by that?

The nameservers weren’t set up at the domain registrar’s, so we didn’t have a CF IP, although we were set up at CF.

So how are you still using Cloudflare then? Anyhow, if you are not proxying through Cloudflare it definitely cant be Cloudflare related.

The nameservers were set up at the domain registrar’s by the host, so now we have a CF IP. Even though we weren’t being proxied by CF, we still had their SSL encryption.

So where is this issue coming from in your opinion, if not CF?

If you were using Cloudflare’s SSL I don’t see how it wouldn’t have been proxied at the time. Are you using a cache everything page rule?

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