Page cache

visit this page

i already remove Cloudflare and use own nameserver
but look this page and open source page inspect element
not open like this
its open like this

please Cloudflare clear cache i made a mistake i came on Cloudflare, all was going well since i came on Cloudflare the page links disappears

I can confirm that the index2.html file with those links is coming from your server. Cloudflare is not involved with this at all.

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no sir after using cloudflare in my css link this was added but its not removed
in my original source code this is not exist
after cloudflare added this also add on my css as well as logo…

I got 404 error not found for that resources being served from HTML webpage of your origin host/server, Nginx.


Kindly, contact your hosting provider to troubleshoot the Pagespeed module just in case.

please help me please

did you

and let them know

I see the nameservers were confirm yesterday and then today the zone was deleted and added back to your account.

When you contact your hosting provider ask them

After you contact them, as a next step, post back here and tell us the reply you receive.

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