Page Build Issue

19:44:50.882 Initializing build environment. This may take up to a few minutes to complete
19:46:44.622 Success: Finished initializing build environment
19:46:44.622 Cloning repository…
19:46:46.424 Failed: an internal error occurred

The repo seems fine to me, the error says nothing.
I cant find any place on how to log more details or reach out to CF

Since about this error ("Failed: an internal error occurred") there are a lot of threads already existing, I would recommend reading them first and check if one of these cases also apply to you:

  1. Cloudflare pages Failed: an internal error occurred
  2. Cloudflare Pages: "Failed: an internal error occurred"
  3. Pages fails to build: internal error while cloning repository

Thanks for linking those articles, i already checked them.

  • checked build options (work local)
  • checked permission on git (are OK)
  • cant open ticket as sug. in the first thread

the error msg really needs to be refined.
my glass ball not working well today… :slight_smile:

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Many of the Pages devs hang out on Discord and might be able to track down the problem:


That’s true, TBH. This error does not give any insights or hints about where the error originates from. I already states this in another thread. Also we in the community can not help you on this since we do not have any access to any log etc.

I can try to tag @ncano here and hope he is availabe, or just join the discord server like @sdayman recommended.


thanks, will try to reach one @sdayman
thanks too @M4rt1n

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LOL is it me or is Github down.
… that could be a cause

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Hahah down for me aswell. Anyway the problem with the imprecise error still exists.

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It’s not just you.

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Yep GitHub is having a few issues right now. This should be unrelated though so the most common cause for this issue is a submodule (usually a private one). Please have a look if that’s what may be causing this. You can just remove the module part and have the files in the repo to solve that (not ideal we know, we’re working on it)

If you’re still having issues, please provide me with the deployment ID (the UUID in the URL (/pages/view/<project>/<deployment-uuid> - that deployment UUID). I can then have a look and see where the issue lies :slight_smile:

Sorry about this, we’re working on better messaging!


Hey @Walshy - thanks for commenting!

Indeed, the issue was a Git-Submodule.
Workaround: copy the actual content of the required “sub-repo” into your repo.

However another issue appears: Hugo version 0.54.0 is used for the build. Current Version is 0.92.1., alot of things are not supported with the older version used.
Good news: the logs are working at that stage of the build!


Great to hear you got that solved. The default version is indeed quite old but we need to keep it for compatibility purposes. You can change the version with the HUGO_VERSION environment variable :slight_smile:


Great! Thanks!

Once its up and running, the performance feels so much better than the alternate serice-providers!

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