Page Analytics Not Working?

We recently migrated web hosts from Godaddy to WP Engine. Upon adjusting cname records etc., it appears that the analytics is now inaccurate for the amount of page views we should actually be seeing. My WP Engine dashboard lists 3k visitors between December-January but Cloudflare has only been averaging <10 visits/day. Does it have to do with my Cname records?

I deleted the old Cname records that pointed to Godaddy but when I added a new one I get an error that says: Another record shares the same name, we’ve applied cname flattening. From what I can see, there is no other cname that has our domain listed…

Am I missing something here?

Cloudflare Analytics only tracks traffic going to an :orange: DNS entry.

Without knowing the URL, that’s all I can suggest. As far as the CNAME error, you might get that “Duplicate” error if there’s an “A” record with the same value.

Are you referring to the DNS proxy setting? I believe someone had mentioned to me to change that setting to DNS only, not proxy, in order to increase speeds.