Padlock disappears on my Homepage

The SSL certificate is now working and most of my site shows up with a green padlock. However, Chrome and Firefox take it away on my homepage and I cannot figure out why -

I have tried disabling all of the modules that don’t appear on the rest of the site without success

SSL testing sites pass the site with flying colors and the chrome extension I installed isn’t telling me where the problem lies. All of the images are hosted on our server and there are links to standard http sites but as far as I know, no content is being pulled from them.

Our previous comodo SSL was happy and didn’t give us mixed content errors.

Any suggestions and feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

Chrome’s Developer Tools | Security show a mixed content warning.

Okay I was scared there for a second, the hello kitty image and url didn’t ring any bells. Turns out the discord widget was to blame because somebody posted an insecure image in there. All is well. Thanks for the quick reply, I now know to look in the console part of inspect, I ignored that entirely!

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