Pacvue e-commerce Advertising and Cloudflare

We are trying to allow Pacvue access to a subdomain, and they have no idea what is needed on the Cloudflare side of things.

  1. We’re on the Pro plan.
  2. We have a wildcard SSL
  3. They want our SSL cert, which CF does not allow.
  4. I have setup a rule with a subdomain and a 301 to their URL.
  5. Added an A record to point to their IP. Yet, they can not get it sync up.
  6. I’m being advised to purchase an SSL Certificate from another company and provide it to them.

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing?

It sounds like Pacvue wants to host a subdomain of your domain. And they need an SSL/TLS certificate for it.

I don’t know why you need a 301 redirect if they’re hosting under your subdomain (maybe you can explain what that redirect is doing).

As for a certificate, would it work to provide a Private Key and Certificate for You can do this by generating an Origin Certificate:

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