Packetloss @ Cloudflare?

Hello there,

I seems that there’s packetloss to my site
All requests to Cloudflare are slow the last half our. And sometime a 520 error.

When i directly access my server, it is fast.

Are there problems on the Cloudflare network? wouldnt list any issues. Can you post the output of

Also, whats the output of the following command?

tracert -d

Generally it seems to work fine ->
Can you post a screenshot when loading your site with the network tab of the developers tools in your browser open?

For now, this is the output of the tracefile (with cencured IP of me):
Traceroute i’ll will do when i settled at my computer.

uag=Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 8.0.0; SM-G930F) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/74.0.3729.157 Mobile Safari/537.36

Same issue here, from CF to AS60950, multiple platforms.

Same issue here. Multiple of my Dutch websites, at several different hosts are causing 520’s. Seems like a Netherlands-correlated issue to me.

Hey @clay.aar I saw you turned off Cloudflare from your website. I assume this 520 issue (in the Netherlands) is still not resolved. I’m still having issues with all my Dutch websites either way.

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Hello Jeffrey,

Yes, i have turned off Cloudflare for my website. I’m still wondering wich route is disturbed, and why it takes too long…

Is there a possibility to make a traceroute from Cloudflare to my server? If that is possible, then we can see where the problems are.

Which hosting do you use?

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@clay.aar Using a secondary account here. I’m hosting using Yourhosting and Versio. Traceroute is only available to the Cloudflare employee I guess. This issue has now been reported multiple times. Hopefully they will start working on it.



I’m hosting at Reviced / VIP Internet.
If I read all these posts, the problem seems to be much bigger than I thought, and it is not a problem at my hosting.

I do now have the idea that there is less packetloss. Some other (unimportant) sites of me seem to load better here, but 1 in 5 times I still get a known Cloudflare error. But it is also possible that those sites are in the Cloudflare cache.

Go to replace with your domain in order to get trace.


@cloonan And i have provided this earlier this day in Ticket ID #1698326


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