Packet loss for using Warp

Hello, i started using Warp and every time i use it i get packet loss. I tried to restart my computer, download it again, reset the settings and didn’t work and im still stuck with 30-40% packetloss while using it. please i want to use it without packetloss.

Hi there -

Do you have more details - is the packet loss only when WARP is enabled? What cololocation center - via Settings - Advanced - Diagnostics - are you connected to vs. where are you located?

If your existing network has severe packet loss, WARP won’t dramatically improve that.

yup i only get packet loss when WARP is enabled. i usually don’t get packet loss! it’s only cause of WARP and it’s weird many people used it and never got issues like that!.. my colocation center is MRS. im located in Egypt. did i provide with all the information you need?

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