Packet forwarding through specific ip addresseses

Hey cloudflare community,
I got confusing with setting up my logic.
I want to realise one logic - people who want to reach my server first of all have to send web request through specific geo server, for example: person from Germany has to receive a response from German server.
How it works now - I have added 2 beginning nameservers which cloudflare provided me and they are located in America. Currently, all requests are going through American ip addresses.
Does cloudflare business plan is suitable for this issue? I am not familiar with cloudflare tools, so, please, do not hate me for this.

It could and it should, but actually it doesn’t have to depends on several parameters such as traffic flow, etc. Packet can go through some other country for example if the route is clogged or blocked somehow, or depending on the user’s ISP peering.

The route is picked from the closest and the best one possible for the end-user/visitor of your Website.

Other thing comming to my mind would be some network issues which could be checked at Cloudflare Status page, be it either at Cloudflare end or somewhere in between.

Will always be I think.

May I ask here, for example if we took Germany from your context, you may want to have Cloudflare nameservers which IP addresses are located from Germany, right?

Otherwise, I am afraid you cannot change the given IP address location for the Cloudflare nameservers.

Nevertheless, you can easily check from which colo you are accessing the Website which is using Cloudflare simply by entering

The result from it could be like:

uag=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:93.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/93.0

Meaning, I am from Croatia but when visiting some Website using Cloudflare services, I go through the Munich, Germany - (MUC) as it can be checked (three alphabetic characters represent the city) via Cloudflare Status page here:

After I switched from my old to my new ISP, I am always instead of going from Croatia Cloudflare, I am going over the Romania or even Austria.
I was always going through the Croatia (Zagreb), until now, going over Romania (Bucharest or while using Cloudflare WARP over Sofia - Bulgaria), while from time to time I also see I am going over Austria (Vienna).

Therefore, while using a VPN, for example as comming from a Germany, I see I am going either through the Cloudflare Munich or Frankfurt.

Which would simply be why I from Croatia go through the Germany? - it’s due to my ISP peering.

If that is the question.

The other great tool you can use and check over which colo does the domain work depending on the Cloudflare Plan it is using:

Furthermore, nameservers does not need to mean the person would get a response from USA if it’s comming from Germany for example. It’s just where the DNS is, not the “edge location” as far as there are a lot of Cloudflare POP’s all around the World (CDN service).

The topic below could provide more useful information regarding the Cloudflare Anycast Network, your ISP provider having Peers with others regarding the BGP, etc.:

Maybe I am totally off the topic and sorry if I missunderstood your question so far.
Kindly and patiently wait for some other further reply to this topic.


Thank you for this detailed answed. I really got deep confusing with this and as a result, provided some unnecessary things.
The final and clear question is - can I choice cloudflare server with the specific location and what do I need for this (mb business plan?)
Currently, I need 5 cloudflare servers from diffent locations: Germany, Liberia etc…

As far as I know, I am afraid it is not possible - could be I am wrong:

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