Packages in cloudflare

I’m in new here. I want to open a new website but in this website anyone shouldn’t be see any information about me, my ip adresss, etc. . In this website i must anoym. What should i use package or solution.

Do you mean they shouldn’t be able to see your website server’s IP Address? Cloudflare is a service for protecting websites from DDoS attacks, and it does that by hiding your website server’s IP. You need a website to perform this.

Ok. If anyone can’t find my server ip, anyone can’t find my personal information. İsn’t it?
I am trying to learn network side of the websites. About this website will be my training area. My other question is, am i can select region of website using for cloudflare dns.

In general, CF will hide your server’s IP for your website, yes.

You can’t choose a region, Cloudflare operates globally:

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Thanks for helping, i will check.

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