P0: random "This site can't be reached" without resolution

Hey all,

Last ~100 hours (from Monday morning) I’m facing P0 issue without any resolution.
Random requests (2-3% of all requests) fail with:

This error is showing on 3 different platforms, each on different cloud provider and 1 domain. The only thing in common between all platforms is CloudFlare and main domain.
The error is persistent from multiple locations in Bulgaria.

There is NO pattern for 100% replication, it happens from time to time.

I’ve wrote to the support, provided .HAR files and screenshots. They told me that when I see this error there is some problem with connection to CF edge, but for 100 hours this is NOT resolved.

Also several times I’ve saw ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED.

For last days:

colo property changed several times between SOF and VIE.

For last 30+ hours I’ve wrote to the support several times and there is NO response.

My questions are:

  • Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  • Does anyone has an idea how this could be resolved?
  • Does anyone has idea when CF will fix P0 issue?
  • Does anyone has an idea what is the response time of the support?

Thanks : )

For clarification, is this still an open ticket? What was their last response? Also, can you post the Ticket #?

Thanks for reaching out!

Yes, it’s still an open ticket #1904341.
Last answer from them last ~44 hours ago.
In the last answer they told me their theory about the problem, but that wasn’t the case. They wanted me to provide more .HAR files with whole session and etc. And I’ve provided .HAR files for 3 use cases where the problem occured with different users/platforms.

I’m still waiting and don’t know what to do.

@sdayman, any ideas?

Maybe @cloonan knows the status of the ticket.

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Hi @user431 I see the reply from Support from about the time the last posts were added here. I’m cc’d on the ticket and will follow along to see if we can reproduce the issue.

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