.p TLD not supported

Hi, I am trying to setup my domain name with .p TLD, it does not recognize that.

What doesn’t recognise it?

Are you trying to use Cloudflare Registrar or just add it to Cloudflare as a normal zone?

Thanks for quick response @KianNH

Cloudflare says it’s an invalid domain name.

I am using a normal zone.

What’s the domain?

Example is not real but it’s like something like example.p

Having an example doesn’t help.

If you’re not happy to share the domain then all I can do is redirect you to Add a site · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs - make sure you have working DNS before attempting a transfer.

In hindsight, what gTLD is .p for?


I can’t see anywhere that .p would be a valid top level domain.


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It’s a handshake domain: namecheap. com/ domains/ handshake-domains/

It’s also important to note that handshake domains do not resolve in regular browsers without additional setup.

Cloudflare doesn’t support domains that don’t actually exist in the public DNS.

Namecheap also explains this:

However, please note that handshake domains cannot be resolved via regular web browsers without additional setup . Please read the section below to learn how to access a handshake domain.
No transfer in/out supported as we launch our own TLDs that are not supported by any other registrar at the moment.


Really helpful. Thanks for the suggestion

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