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I am the current web developer of baseloadcap.com we are switching form Squarespace to WordPress using Kinsta as our hosting. After making the switch we are getting a Cloudflare 1000 DNS error and Kinsta says that this happens when Cloudflare was previously used on the domain but nobody in the company remembers the logins or if the previous developer used Cloudflare. As such is there a TXT record we can add to the DNS of our domain registrar to prove ownership so that we can fix the issue?

Hi @xanthi,

Getting an Error 1000 would imply that the DNS records have been updated and now point somewhere that doesn’t work. Have you changed the records and if not, do you know who has? If you did, I would assume you have access to the Cloudflare account with the domain, so I’m not sure what other account it is that you’re trying to access. Can you explain a bit more about what happened and what you can’t access?

Can you also clarify what setup you’re on and whether you have Cloudflare configured via a partner as the domain does not seem to be on a regular full DNS setup.

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You could try claiming ownership using a new free Cloudflare account and then deleting it from Cloudflare and reverting to your initial NS records. Hopefully, that will “kick” your domain from the Cloudflare system so Kinsta’s cloudflare integration might work. Just a guess as to how you might prove ownership

Hi and thanks for the reply. No, unfortunately I don’t have access to the original cloudfare account that’s why we can’t fix the issue. That’s why I would like I see how I can prove that it is me that need to get access to that account.

We have a domain supplier but I don’t have direct access. I simply send them instructions.

To further clarify. The non www website works great. It’s the www.baseloadcap.com that has the error.

The nameservers for that domain point to:


These are not Cloudflare nameservers, so it appears the DNS is handled elsewhere. The A record for the root domain does point to an IP address owned by Cloudflare, however. I suspect this means that the provider has some kind of enterprise relationship with Cloudflare to use their services in a non-standard way.

This will probably mean that you have to get in contact with them to find out how they are integrating with Cloudflare and what could be causing the error.

If the domain had ever been directly added to Cloudflare in an unknown account, you would not be able to gain access to that unless you have access to the email address used to create it.

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Blockquote If the domain had ever been directly added to Cloudflare in an unknown account, you would not be able to gain access to that unless you have access to the email address used to create it.


That is the exact situation. This is where we are stuck cause no one seems to have the access :confused:

I’m not clear on what account you need access to, given that the domain is not using Cloudflare’s DNS. You will need to talk to your provider about this.

Thank you for your help so far.

I’m trying to figure out myself what is the correct course of action.

Which supplier do you mean? Hosting or domain?

The hosting say it’s a matter of logging in to the cloudfare account and fixing it. The hosting provider has implemented Cloudfare integration to all their domains and they say that this can’t be deactivated.

What I’m guessing is that someone, presumably years ago, has made a cloudfare account for this domain. And I’m assuming it as I have no other information. Now that we changed hosting provider and that we gave the new a record IP to the domain name supplier, we get this error.

I haven’t been involved from the beginning, I wasn’t involved when the previous developer made the old website either, but it was working fine. (which just for the record was made in squarespace.

I’m at a loss.

That is correct. The domain name supplier is a company named Inbrand and I provided them with the A record IP that Kinsta (hosting provided) gave me.

I see, so is the IP from Kinsta? In which case, it is them who are using Cloudflare and who would need to work out this issue. I don’t see what they’re expecting you to fix, this is something that they will need to work out themselves or with Cloudflare given that the record points to their IP.

Perhaps Kinsta can just redirect the www hostname to the working root domain.

Yes, well they have told us it’s nothing they can do.
And they have given us a * record (wildcard) IP which would take care of the www as well.
The domain supplier has added that.

That’s all they have said. :unamused:

I am really not sure what we can do to help here. If there is some conflict that Kinsta are seeing, they should really address that with Cloudflare. Since your domain has no direct relation with Cloudflare, I don’t think Cloudflare Support will even be able to talk to you about it. The DNS records point to Kinsta, this then uses their Cloudflare configuration.

@Chris_M/@TKlein do you have any insight on this?


This is one possible cause, but not the only one. An 1000 error simply says “you are not authorized here”.

You seem to have added the 2 TXT records as part of Kinsta’s verification process, but the ID string in them are not matching, one being a few characters too short. This could as well be the cause of your 1000 errors. You should check that with either Kinsta’s or your DNS provider’s support.

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Oh, thank you for noticing this.
I will take it with the DNS provider and ask them to double check the record.
Let’s hope it will solve it.


Following, I am having the same issue…

Ok, so finally after a lot of tears and sweat :slight_smile: we found the person that had originally created the Cloudfare account on this domain. It was simply a matter of logging into Siteground and removing the Cloudfare CDN. Problem solved. Thank you, all of you for the support.


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