Owncloud and mysql issues under Cloduflare


Sorry but i don’t have a better Subject to explain the situation. So going straight to the point i have a raspberry pi3 running a lot of service including WP and OwnCloud. On WP i created some pages to insert and retrieve data from a customized mysql table. First of all i’m speaking abut the proxyng capacity of Cloudlfare (caching, etc.) because as simple DNS it worked always. Well since kinda of 2 months ago all was working then misteriously Owncloud stared to do not let me login via Web and even the page that via php retrieves datas from my DB was not working. I’m not a Linux guru but neither a newbie. Then i struggled 1 month believing that those isses were addressable to Owncloud. A long job (ok my backup was not working) so i had to build all from scratch. Anyway in the end i understood that the server itself works perfectly now but if i proxy it via cloudlfare the 2 issues come back again. This behaviour began, ad i wrote, 2 months ago without in the meantime i changed nothing in the good working “old” server configuration …that’s why i got crazy i rebuilt all , i asked to OC community but in the end for sure something changed in CF. I’m just curious what changed because, as i wrote, my server using CF simply as DNS works perfect. Being proxied my php/query does not works (intstead the insert is ok because i can see the records with phpmyadmin) and Owncloud reports errors in logging. Do someone had a kind of issues like mines? To add one info my website run only with SSL certificate fully recognized becuae released by Comodo. Thanks, Pietro.


I’ve had issues with Cloudflare’s firewall blocking certain accesss to Owncloud.

Check Cloudflare’s Firewall page at the very bottom for Firewall events tied to your Owncloud domain. Maybe your WP php issue is similar. It could be Cloudflare blocking suspicious HTTP requests.