Own stripped down version of FontAwesome, or a global cache?

I’ve been looking into how I can optimize my loading of font-awesome. As per the below linked post, it seems that “everybody” is using the global cache.

The obvious gain with this approach, is that I could hope that visitors to my site have already visited a site that’s using te global cache, and therefore won’t spend time downloading the same file again as it’s in the browsers cache.

Klternatively I should make my own kit from font-awesome, and only include the CSS that I actually need. This is what I do at the moment. and it “saves” me 30Kb of CSS (for font-awesome 4.7.0)

I can’t figure out what would be the best approach. To use the global cache / CDN, or to create my own package only containing exactly what I need for my Wordpress theme.

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