OVH - problem with DNS

Hi, i have problem with one of my domain in OVH…
Im add that domain like others, first into Cloudflare panell to read DNSs, after i change NS in OVH panel to Cloudflare.
After 76h still i have pending in Cloudflare domain, but im check and NS in OVH is correct for Cloudflare.
Whats going on ?

Hello there,

Are your A records proxied :orange: ? If so, would you try unproxying :grey: ? (DNS only)

Nothing changed :frowning:

Upon checking, I see your domain is not yet verified. It is still Pending I think, you need to fix that issue first. Here’s the details:

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This domain i have more than week, so should be verified yet ?

Unless you contact your domain registrar & verify the necessary!

I see the domain is verified as of now & your site live. You may need to proxy the A record :orange: which is currently set to DNS only :grey:

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Ok i just verified it on BE site :slight_smile: I dint know that i need domain in .be register in belgium also :slight_smile:

Thx for help and for that link :slight_smile:

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